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1Sadhana Ke Anubhav in one Vol 300Available 
2Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 1 30Available 
3Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 2 40Available 
4Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 3 40Available 
5Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 4  30Available 
6Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 5  30Available 
7Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 6  30Available 
8Sadhana Ke Anubhav - Khand 7  30Available 
9Adhyatmik Vishaya Mimansa - Part I  65Available 
10Adhyatmik Vishaya Mimansa - Part II  50Available 
11Amrit Bindu - Part I 55Available 
12Alaukik Bhakti Yoga  40Available 
13Adhyatmik Aur Sharirik Brahmacharya  38Available 
14Sant Shri Meera Bai  36Available 
15Guru Bhakta Sahajo Bai  17Available 
16Sant Shri Tukaram  25Available 
17Yog Philosophy Aur Navin Sadhana  40Available 
18Mrityu Aur Mrityu Ke Paschat  15Available 
19Hamara Satsang Karyakram Aur Prarthana  6Available 
20Hamara Satsang Karyakram Aur Prarthana  23Available 
21Mahatma Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Jeevani  21Available 
22Shri Gurudeva Ke Mahatvapurna Patra 10Available 
23Amulya Nidhi - Khand 1  54Available 
24Amulay Nidhi - Khand 2  50Available 
25Amulya Nidhi - Khand 3  48Available 
26Amulya Nidhi - Khand 4  52Available 
29Parivihar  40Available 
30Pauranik Gathayein Aur Unke Adhyatmik Rahasya  32Available 
31Rahasyamayee Gathayein - Bhag 1  40Not Available 
32Rahasyamayee Gathayein - Bhag 2  60Available 
33Upanishad Tatva Vivechan  28Available 
34Sant Charitavali  55Available 
35Manas Darshan - Bhag 1  48Available 
36Manas Darshan - Bhag 2  35Available 
37Hamari Yog Sadhana  10Available 
38Amrit Bachan  10Available 
39Vyavaharik Dharm  6Available 
40Dada Guru Ji ka Ek Amulya Updesh 5Available 
41Paar Hone ki Kunji  11Available 
42Sant Sufiyon Mein Guru Pratistha  6Available 

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