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साधन मासिक पत्रिका       Sadhan Monthly Periodical

गूढ़ तथा अनुभवी गुप्त रहस्यों को सरल भाषा द्वारा जनता तक पहुँचाना तथा सदाचार की शिक्षा देना "साधन" का मुख्य उद्देश्य है।

Sadhan monthly periodical is also available in English version: To convey to people the inscrutable and experiential secrets in simple language, and to propagate the lessons of virtuous life is the raison d'être of Sadhan.


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To learn more about Sadhan send Email to sadhanhindimonthly@gmail.com

How to subscribe Sadhan

Annual Subscription Fee:
     For subscription within India - Rs. 180/-      For subscription from other countries - Rs. 1500/-

Sadhan can be subscribed by sending subscription fee by Money Order, E.M.O., Demand Draft, Cheque, or NEFT.

Address for Money Order and Bank Information for NEFT can be obtained by sending Email to sadhanhindimonthly@gmail.com

Contact Information:
     Phone: +91 565-2404545
     SMS Phone: +91 9319680800
     WhatsApp: +91 7417938508